Cooking is our passion

Francesca DeFranchis


“Passion” has been passed down by generations of Italians for centuries. Italians are born with “Passion” because they are surrounded by flavors, spices, natural ingredients and amazing scenery. This is why my passion for food has grown so much. I recognize that we can learn and eat healthy, and by developing our senses of touch, smell and taste, we can understand the “Passion.”

Follow me in my venture, fire up your senses, and feel the “Passion.”

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I Love Italian Food is a platform created to express what we love about food. An unconventional culinary school, a new concept that combines visual experiences, touch, and taste with the natural and organic ingredients of world` cooking.

I love Italian Food is also a travel and culinary adventure, a series of cooking retreats around the world, a unique food experience that will transport you back in time.


various retreats and workshops offered throughout the year

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Educational events and workshops

As much as we follow videos or TV shows to learn how to cook, we may not realize that the most important ingredient is missing. The main ingredient that we must have in home cooking is “Passion.”

I Love Italian Food will share with you the secret of passion. Through blogs, food, pictures, and stories, you will experience all the fun & love in the wine and dine. Educational events and workshops designed to reintroduce you to the food world, learning about history, challenge your palate, and your taste by discovering new flavors, and by pairing ingredients with fantastic wines, strong coffees, and excellent beers.